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Maintenance: Not Something to Overlook

In the signage industry the job is never over. Especially now that signs are being furnished using much higher quality material, the expectations of them remaining visually appealing over time requires a certain level of attention, especially after installation. At Parvin-Clauss, we understand tha...

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The Times Have Been A-Changin' Since 1952

It's amazing how much can change in nearly 60 years, but Bob Dylan let us know in 1964 and sure enough, here we are. With communication becoming easier every day, businesses are faced with the challenge of adaptation. One of the first images of Parvin-Clauss Sign Co. involves two employees paintin...

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First Impressions

Sometimes one impression is all that we get. It's an unfortunate truth, but still truth nonetheless. In the business world this means even more considering the competition that companies face every day, which is your image is an important aspect to your success. When Parvin-Clauss Sign Company sta...

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