Bradford Real Estate is bringing some big changes to downtown Wheaton, Illinois.

The former Wheaton Central High School, home of such famous alumnus as Red Grange, professional football player, Edwin Hubble, astronomer, Bob Woodward, reporter, and John and Jim Belushi, actors, has stood the test of time. The original 1925 building evolved with addition after addition, yet increases in student enrollment and the growth of the community led to the opening of separate Wheaton North and later Wheaton Warrenville South High Schools. The existing building became Hubble Middle School in 1992.

Yet the building was aging and with costs too high for renovation, Hubble Middle School moved to a new location in 2009. In October, 2012 the historic building is coming down, making way for a Mariano's Fresh Market.

Mariano's Fresh Market is known for its wide range of fresh food and extra features including a coffee shop, sushi bar, wood-fired pizza oven, and full-service pharmacy.

Bradford Real Estate CFO Chad Jones says he expects Mariano's to be open in the fall of 2013.