Schools and places of worship are the pillars of every community. Monument signs provide a landmark for these institutions and offer a strong first impression that lasts for decades.

It’s important for education and religious sectors to have signage that accurately reflects the core of what they do. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with the right team. At Parvin-Clauss, we employ top professionals across the board - from the customer service team to sales personnel and expert craftsmen, you get an A-grade team that operates with a customer-first approach.

Within the education and religious sectors, there are a few types of signs you may consider:
Monument signage: Monument signage is a popular option for these industries as they immediately capture the visitor’s attention. We work with you to design the perfect monument sign with different materials to suit your organization’s style and budget. When choosing religious or school signs, institutions typically go with this option for its entrances.

Post and panel wayfinding signage: Great wayfinding signage enhances the experience a visitor has, making it easy for them to navigate through a campus or building. Our custom post and panel wayfinding signage does just that. Like other signage, we create work that’s unique to your institution, and offer a wealth of design options. You can choose single or double-sided panels, a variety of different sizes, and even decorative add-ons and LED lights for illumination.

Interior signage: The last portion of the total signage program is the interior signage. Like other signage types, we make sure interior signage adheres to all applicable ADA requirements and community codes.

Parvin-Clauss aims to be your single source for religious and school signage needs. For each sign our craftsmen create, we make sure to give you our expert opinion in positioning, style, and location.

We’re prepared to do the hard work for you, so you can focus more on helping your visitors. We believe that every agreement begins with a healthy understanding that we are partners in this sign creation process. Our reputation for delivering the best education, and religious signs strengthens which each smile we put on the faces of our clients.

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