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Backlit Signage

Are you looking to grab everyone's attention as they walk past your business? At Parvin-Clauss we offer visually excellent backlit signs for businesses. The Chicago area is lit up at night by illumination, and your business sign should be one of them! 

If you are looking for a stunning custom lighted sign call Parvin-Clauss today! Backlit signage is great for bright and low lighting, making them perfect for both inside and outside use. Choose us as your backlit sign manufacturer for your expo and trade show displays or your outdoor show stopping curb signage. Our team will create the perfect graphics to draw in as many people as possible while also effectively stating your sign's message. Get started with a simple phone call today.

In Home Fabrication for Backlit Signs

Since 1952, Parvin-Clauss has helped design and create affordable, top-quality signs throughout the state of Illinois. Our commitment to excellent backlit business signage cannot be matched. Our team even creates each backlit corporate sign in-home to make sure each piece is perfect. 

Parvin-Clauss can do it all from backlit dioramas to backlit channel letter signs or any specific lighted sign solution. Contact our team of customer service representatives today to get your eye-catching custom backlit sign that was made specifically for you.

Chicago's Top Backlit Signage Solution

From signs on your business front to custom table conference signs, at Parvin-Clauss we know you only have a handful of seconds to grab a potential customer's attention. With every business also competing day to day with phone distractions we know how important an attention-grabbing sign can be. At Parvin-Clauss we suggest using backlit signage because it is show-stopping enough to distract from every-day distractions. Start our custom backlit sign creation today and you will receive: 

  • Individualized Consultation
  • Custom Creation
  • In-House Fabrication
  • Expert Installation
  • Your Perfect Sign Coming to Life

Call our Backlit Signage Professionals Today to Get Started on Your New Sign

Call Parvin-Clauss today to get started on your backlit signage process today. We want to get your custom sign started and completed as soon as possible. Don't put off what you can do today for tomorrow. Call Parvin-Clauss now!

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