Providing citizens with information about traffic and parking regulations is essential to maintaining a healthy, functional city. Parvin-Clauss Sign Company is proud to help cities and towns with the production of their municipal signs. These signs are important elements to the smooth flow of traffic and ensuring public safety. Our team will work closely with you to develop signs that are easy-to-see and convey a succinct message to everyone who reads them. From the parking zone to neighborhood streets, our long-lasting, low-maintenance signage provides complete coverage for your municipality.

Municipal Signage for All Needs

Parvin-Clauss acts as your one-stop-shop for traffic and public signs. Our team will review your local laws and ordinances to make sure municipal signage is compliant. We'll spend time discussing each step of the process from drawing board to final production. You will be a part of the entire process and if you like, we also offer prototyping services. We'll also seek your input and make suggestions about the best materials for traffic signs to resist damage from impacts, UV-rays, salt, rain, and snow.

We strive to maintain a high-quality of work without straining your budget or going over schedule. Plus, every one of our city and street signs is made via a process that includes these elements:

  • Meeting city code and ordinances
  • Sign visibility to ensure citizens see them
  • Checking zoning restrictions and completing surveys
  • Managing production schedule and quantity
  • Providing regular updates and status reports
  • On-going sign maintenance and repair services

For More Information About Municipal Signs

There are many things to consider when creating signage for a road, a neighborhood, or an entire town. You'll need a sign company that can handle all aspects of this project from planning to long-term maintenance. Give Parvin-Clauss a phone call or fill out our online form to learn more about why our services are the best choice for your city.

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