First impressions are everything. The sign that a visitor sees when they go to your corporate office can make or break that first impression. Your sign is a silent spokesperson for your business: what does it say? It should show that your office portrays strength, trust, and dedication.

At Parvin-Clauss, we say, "Your image is our priority."

Your first impression should be a lasting one. To do so, we employ the best designers to translate your two-dimensional logo into a durable three-dimensional corporate sign. Our fabricators are built to produce a long-lasting finish; we use the finest electrical components, finishes, and extrusions, to make sure your sign stands strong in the toughest weather challenges.

Attract your target audience. Our solid-built and professionally-designed signs provide exposure to both a walking and driving audience. And with so many people viewing your sign before they’ve walked through the front door, we work with you from start to finish to deliver custom signs that enforce the company branding and enhance the corporate image.

Style matters. We provide many options for you to choose from, giving you complete creative control over the final look and feel. During the design process, we provide you with our expert opinion on positioning, materials, colors, decoration and construction. From raised metal letters, to LED backlights (for a dramatic halo effect that stands out) to faux stone and brick finishes, there’s something for everyone

We take a low maintenance, high-quality approach to our delivery, achieving your marketing and business goals. Parvin-Clauss is a full-service signage company, meaning we don’t just take your order and hand it to you like a drive-thru. We consider corporate offices we work with to be a party--not a transaction. Contact us today!

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