Channel letters might be the first things that pop into your mind when you think of signage, like the signs you would see hanging over a fast food restaurant. They are highly visual, and can attract motorists and pedestrians. They can also be illuminated, assuring that your business’s branding continues even after you’ve called it a day.

At Parvin-Clauss Sign Company, we offer a wide array of custom channel letter signs. We have different styles to choose from as well as different illumination options, such as neon or a more energy efficient LED display. Our signs can light up your business both literally and figuratively.

Channel letters are among the most cost-effective forms of advertising. They aren’t as expensive as television and radio, and they have stronger staying power. From the mom who drives carpool each morning to the jogger out for a late afternoon run, channel letters expose your name to both area residents and those simply passing through.

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