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Pylon & Monument Signs

Pylon and monument signs are similar with the exception of several distinct differences. The most notable of which is shape; monument signage is typically horizontal and designed to blend with trees, grass, and other foliage. Pylon signage is taller and intended to draw customer eyes from afar.

The monument sign serves as an introduction, welcoming visitors to places like businesses, parks, college campuses, and hospitals. It stands about as tall as the average person and is typically made of aluminum, bricks, or foams. It can be illuminated or include an LED message board to convey time, temperature, or other business-specific messages.

The pylon sign is ideal for showing your location from far away. It is perfect for department stores, restaurants, or gas stations. Its towers above your place of business, and is ideal for drawing the eye of passing motorists.

When deciding between monument and pylon signs, consider whether or not you’re hoping for your commercial signage to stand out from your surroundings. If you’re looking for sophistication, a monument sign is often the better choice as it’s simple and elegant. If you’re near a highway or sandwiched between similar-looking buildings, the pylon sign can be quite advantageous. Of course, you can also customize a monument sign to be as tall as a pylon sign.

No matter what you’re looking for, the professionals at Parvin-Clauss Sign Company can assist you. Contact our friendly representatives today to learn more about the differences between pylon and monument signs, or to begin designing signage that perfectly captures your business’s image.

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