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Marketing Signs

It’s no secret that an eye-catching sign is a powerful way to drive business, but did you know that having poor signage can hurt your company? According to one poll, half of customers would be deterred from entering a business if it had poor marketing signage.

Parvin-Clauss can help you appeal to your target consumers through personalized marketing signs tailored to your business. Our experience extends across a vast array of industries and includes retailers, corporate buildings, and financial facilities. We also specialize in providing signage for home builders, commercial real estate firms, and general contractors.

Applications for Custom Marketing Signs

While we can provide general marketing signs featuring your business name and logo, here are some other ways our signs can help you achieve your business goals:

  • Promote Special Deals: If your company offers free estimates, introductory specials, or another unique deal, you can use strategic marketing signage to spread the word and drive business.
  • Advertise Where Your Audience Is Looking: Here’s something to consider: the average consumer spends at least 20 hours travelling per week and may travel more than 200 miles in that timeframe. Catch the eye of your prospective customers while they’re out and about. Odds are you’ll have better luck grabbing consumers’ attention with a billboard while they’re sitting in traffic than you would sending emails or using another marketing technique alone.
  • Showcase Your Best Work: Builders, landscapers, and other types of contractors can let their work speak for itself, but passersby will only know it’s your work they’re looking at if you take credit for it. Let us help you design an appealing sign to help you take ownership for your recent projects.

We have decades of experience in signage and can help you attract unlimited clientele through targeted marketing signage.

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