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Electronic Message Centers (EMCs)

Popular for schools, banks, churches, and other establishments throughout the community, electronic message centers - or EMCs - can provide unique and inviting ways to prominently display timely updates and information for anyone who makes their way past your location. Electronic signs also provide strategic advertising opportunities for restaurants, shops, and other businesses, as owners and managers can choose to display information related to deals, specials, and other attractive offers to entice clientele.

EMCs for Your Electronic Messaging

Electric signs are well-liked by business owners for increasing visibility and delivering information about upcoming events. Not only do they engage viewers by encouraging them to read either a scrolling or static message, they also provide crystal-clear lettering, thanks to the high-quality imaging capabilities utilized by Parvin-Clauss.

If you’re considering an electronic message sign for your business, there’s no better option than Parvin-Clauss. With their array of available types, you can choose the perfect fit for your business. Below are some of their most popular electronic displays:

  • Single Line: Deliver a concise but powerful message to attract or inform your audience.
  • Multi-Line: This option provides a bit more space for your facility to convey updates and provide details about approaching events.
  • Time & Temperature: A tried and true favorite, the time and temperature display never fails to catch the attention of commuters and other travelers passing a business.
  • Menu: Have a seasonal special that you’d like to advertise? Do you want to spread the word about one of your weekly deals? Display it prominently via an electronic message center.
  • Tickers: Provide a wealth of information and hold the attention of your audience via electronic tickers.
  • Video Boards: Keep your viewers engaged through the use of cutting-edge video boards.

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