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Digital Signage

Digital signage, one of the most effective forms of advertising, combines the eye-catching appeal of visual promotional material with the customer outreach capabilities of wireless and mobile devices. Not only are digital signs visually satisfying; they also elicit strong attention and interest.

Digital signs are also versatile, with interior and exterior signage options available, and provide a concise, attention-grabbing snapshot of your company’s products and services.

At Parvin-Clauss Sign Company, we offer a variety of digital signage services, including:

  • Indoor signs
  • Outdoor signs
  • Time-temperature signs
  • Single-line signs
  • Tickers
  • Video boards
  • Multi-line signs

Digital signs toe the line between subtle and overt advertising, but, most importantly, they’re a more effective promotional tool compared to traditional print advertising due to their reliance on visuals, which is far more effective and engaging for modern-day customers who become more tech savvy with each passing moment. With digital signage, you’ll also enjoy:

Cost effectiveness: Initially, digital signage can cost more than other services. In the long-run, however, it becomes cost effective considering the print advertising money you save.

Connectivity to the Internet: Post your digital signage online and show the world. They can also be customized to display news feeds, social media posts, current events, video sharing platforms, even the weather.

Adaptable content: Digital signage can be updated easily, often in a matter of minutes. That means versatile content that serves your specific demands. If you run a coffee shop, you can display your daily specials. If you’re involved in construction, post pictures of completed projects to showcase your handiwork. All of these can influence your customers’ purchasing decisions.

To learn more about how digital signage can help your business succeed, please contact our knowledgeable representatives at Parvin-Clauss Sign Company today!

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