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Bolingbrook Monument Signs

Parvin-Clauss Sign Company is a professional signage company that has been creating and installing different types of impactful signage since 1952. Among the sign types that we offer, our pylon and monument signs are one of our most popular. Although similar, monument and pylon signs do have their differences when it comes to their designs and usage.

The Best Monument And Pylon Signs

Although they share similarities, monument and pylon signs do have their differences. Monument signs are signs that have a horizontal design and are designed to blend with the surrounding foliage and vegetation and serve as subtle welcome to visitors. Pylon signs tend to be more vertical and are meant to grasp the attention of viewers from far away. 

Another key difference between the two are the materials they are made up of. Below are some of the different materials that are used between monument and pylon signs.

  • Monument Signs: Monument sign materials include aluminum and bricks and can be outfitted with accessories such as an LED Message Board.
  • Pylon Signs: Pylon signs are typically made out of a lightbox and include aluminum and steel materials. 

Monument Signs For Any Purpose

A monument sign is a very common sight in cities and typically is as tall as a person. Our custom monument signs are made out of materials such as aluminum and breaks and can be outfitted with other accessories such as an LED message board. These message boards can display messages your business may want to convey.

You may also opt for a more simple monument design that doesn’t have many accessories and can simply have the name of your business displayed on it. This will let visitors know who your business is as well as your mission as a company. No matter the design, your monument sign design will stand out and draw attention to your company. 

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As a sign company in Bolingbrook, we here at Parvin-Clauss Sign Company are proud to offer you commercial monument signage solutions that will capture and convey your business’s image across to your audience. If you would like to know more about our monument signs as well as the sign types we offer and the industries we service, contact us today! Fill out our online form to receive a free pricing estimate for your sign design. 

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