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What do you do with your existing monument sign when you need a new look, have a new business name, and want to include new tenants? TRP Investments turned to Parvin-Clauss Sign Company with this request. The existing brick monument sign was right where they wanted their upgraded sign. Could it...

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Why have an illuminated exterior sign? Here are three reasons: 1. Your brand identity will be communicated effectively to your customer. 2. Your sign will attract the mobile market, potential customers driving by every day. 3. Your illuminated sign will advertise your business to the public...

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Recently we worked with a property management company to install a monument sign at the entrance of their subdivision. They had an existing monument sign at a street intersection, but felt they needed more visibility. Together with the customer we looked at the existing monument sign, and the site t...

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You are looking forward to your new exterior ground sign and can't wait for it to be installed. But you do have to wait - for JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) to mark the location. Why? JULIE serves as a message handling notification service for underground facility owners...

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Here are some signs that catch your attention - and the sales team that took them from a vision to reality. Chicago Area Sign Projects.

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