From To appropriate a Mark Twain quote, rumors of neon’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Granted, it’s unrealistic to expect its widespread return to illuminating enclosed channel letters or to brightening cabinet signs when LEDs or fluorescent tubing do so far more economically. Ho...

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Your exterior signs are your company's first impression. Go outside and take a look at your signs. Better yet, drive past a few times and imagine you are a potential customer. 1. Is your sign visible? Are there obstructions, such a bushes or trees that hide portions of the sign? Is your sign fac...

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Do you know who looks at your sign as they drive past? Do you know how many cars drive by, who might be in those cars, and what their annual salary might be? You don't need a crystal ball. Chicago Sign Company, Parvin-Clauss can assist you with a traffic analysis of your area in order to help y...

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Parvin-Clauss can assist property managers in maintaining their properties in a number of ways. From servicing tenants' illuminated channel letter signs, replacing bulbs and ballasts on pylon signs, to providing service contracts for parking lot lighting, we have the experience, equipment, and resou...

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Hello, Matt and the entire team at Parvin Clauss is extremely professional. I enjoyed working with them on three different projects for our company. They were punctual, friendly and honest. I will definitely continue to work with them for all future sign projects.

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