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Does your name, your logo, your brand, connect with your customers? Do you identify with your customers through your brand? Your exterior and interior signs play a key role in how you present a lasting image of who you are. Here are nine points on designing your brand and emphasizing the best of w...

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Congregation Or Shalom, in Vernon Hills, Illinois recently installed a new monument sign. Their sign is a double-face, externally illuminated Foamcraft sign. Foamcraft is a durable high density material that replicates more expensive sign face materials. The brick piers are faux high density mat...

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You finance most of your large expenditures - house, car, basement renovation - so why not explore lease financing as a way to invest in a quality sign/sign program for your business? Your signs are your most efficient and effective form of marketing. According to The Economic Value of On Premise...

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Your exterior sign is your identity, and the design elements reflect the level and quality of the services you offer. That's why your monument sign is visually the anchor of your business, greeting your customers and prospects that drive past. Are we thinking too much into your sign? You'd be surp...

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Parvin Clauss installed a wide variety of signage for our new facility. Everything has exceeded our expectations. They are a very friendly and knowledgeable team.

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