Your exterior sign is your identity, and the design elements reflect the level and quality of the services you offer. That's why your monument sign is visually the anchor of your business, greeting your customers and prospects that drive past.

Are we thinking too much into your sign? You'd be surprised. Customers are influenced by brands, and they identify their place of business, house of worship, bank, even the town they live in with the sign that greets them.

If you are looking to reface your existing sign, or are planning for a new monument sign, keep these five points in mind. Make sure your sign:

1. Had a base material that compliments your building.

2. Contains clear information, large enough to be seen and read by motorists driving by. Less is more.

3. Has a top or crown that carries your brand identity so it can be seen from miles away.

4. Has attractive landscaping that draws attention to your business.

5. Is well-kept and maintained, reflecting your business ethic.

Make sure your exterior sign works for you.