If you are thinking about installing an exterior sign at your business, school or church, you are probably focusing on the type of sign - on posts or a brick or masonry base - or the dimensions, where it will sit on your property, and certainly what your sign will say. Your thoughts about landscaping - and if you want or need landscaping - may be a low priority. However, you might want to spend some time on the landscaping around your sign for a few reasons.

First, the municipality may require a landscaping plan for your sign as a part of the sign permit approval. Most cities look for a certain percentage of landscaping based on the size of the ground sign. Second, installing landscaping will protect your sign from landscapers. A swipe from a riding mower can nick or dent your sign; a fortress of boxwoods and daylilies will create a distance from your sign and anyone riding past.

Finally, a well-planned landscaping design enhances the look of your sign, and draws the attention of those potential customers driving past. Need some ideas on what plantings survive the extreme Midwest temperature swings? Take a look at this site.

Parvin-Clauss can help you with your exterior sign and offer suggestions on the right type of landscaping. Take a look at the monument signs we've installed recently.