Monument signs command attention. They are large and are a great way to make a statement for any brand. Today, many business owners in highly competitive markets often compete for customers' attention. While corporate signage boards are not bad for this purpose, there's no denying that a monument sign provides more visibility due to its large size. 

They can also be vastly different and communicate your brand services due to their custom-made designs in any shape and size. Any business owner can benefit from a quality monument sign by leaving a positive impression on potential clients. Ready to go bold with your monument sign? Let's discuss some of the benefits you stand to gain. 

Benefits of a Monument Sign 

A monument sign is an effective marketing strategy. It can help make your business more visible and attractive to several clients. In addition, business monument signs are versatile, functional and can instill confidence in your potential customers. Yet, there are various other reasons you should consider getting a monument sign for your business. 

  • They are low to the ground and improve visibility to pedestrians passing by and, of course, motorists due to their large size. 
  • Monument signs can guarantee round-the-clock advertising if you further illuminate them to make them stand out at night. 
  • You can make monument signs with different types of materials in a variety of shapes and designs. Thus, you can easily design one that fits your business based on your budget.
  • They can leave a long-lasting impression on potential clients if done right, but they can also serve as a wayfinding tool for customers trying to find your business.
  • It can add to the aesthetic of your business building with the airs of an intriguing structure. 
  • Monument signs are weather resistant and low maintenance because they are usually crafted from highly durable materials that can withstand harsh weather. They are also cost-effective as you don't get to renew rent or subscription like other modes of advertising. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Monument Sign

Monument signs must be creative and have an eye-catching design to succeed. At Parvin Clauss, we help businesses manufacture creative, graphically appealing monument signs to give their customers a long-lasting first impression. Here are some tips from our experts that can help your design stand out. 

  • Monument signs are a little representation of what your brand is before your clients come into your business space. Hence, it is important to choose the right colors. In addition, the monument must be aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Do little texts. While you might want to send across some information through your sign, ensure that you do minimal text with bold fonts that are easy to read from afar.
  • Pay a lot of attention to the size. Do not just design a big monument sign because you believe it will give you more visibility. Instead, create a size that fits your business to deliver the right information to customers.
  • Be sure to position it in the right location. Monument signs at your building entrance showcase your business is rock solid. Make a statement and make both your building and the entry to your parking lot or pedestrian paths, etc. easier to find. 
  • Don't be scared to explore creative options with your monument shape – the more unique, the more appealing. 

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