Monument signs are a freestanding design option that is fixed to the ground with a solid base. This signage option helps customers to locate your storefront and make navigation easier.

Additionally, a monument sign can come in various fonts, colors, and designs for your business. This article will cover some of the top tips for designing a monument sign for your business. 

Defining Your Brand Identity 

A monument sign is often the first thing that a customer will see when they pass by your business. These signs are placed strategically and are often found at the entrance of a business's parking area.

To give customers the best first impression, you should have a strong brand identity linked to the sign. When a customer sees the sign, they can feel welcome and trust your expertise.

Tailoring Design Based on Location

When designing a monument sign, you should tailor it to the unique location of your business. As you create the sign, you should consider the surroundings and the angle you want customers to see the sign.

The sign should act as a seamless marketing tool that does not negatively impact the nearby landscape. Additionally, the style should be based on the overall image of your brand. 

Considering Innovative Signage Features

As signage designs progress, there are new ways to catch the attention of nearby customers. One of the most popular technologies is a dynamic LED display that illuminates at night.

No matter the time of day, people can get a clear view of the sign and find your business. Additionally, the signage lights are weatherproof and can be utilized in all weather. 

Practical Monument Sign Design Tips

When designing a monument sign, it's best to work with a trusted signage company. A sign company will help install clear fonts, use the right material, and put the right color scheme.

If you are unsure about the design of your monument sign, you can consult with the signage experts. Professional installers will have the expertise to guide you when creating a monument sign. 

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