It's amazing how much can change in nearly 60 years, but Bob Dylan let us know in 1964 and sure enough, here we are. With communication becoming easier every day, businesses are faced with the challenge of adaptation.

One of the first images of Parvin-Clauss Sign Co. involves two employees painting a sign for a company on a brick wall. It's a classic picture and we at Parvin-Clauss love to use it as one of our company's defining images, but it also shows how much our company has grown over time. Although our values of hard work and customer satisfaction have not changed, the signage industry certainly has. From energy efficiency to social networking and even something we consider as basic as the internet, Parvin-Clauss has had to make some substantial adjustments to keep up with the business world around it. While many may see this adjustment as a struggle, Parvin-Clauss looks at it as an opportunity.

As a sign company, image means everything to us. We believe that through effective signage a positive first impression can be made about a business, which is why the phenomenon of social networking stood out to us. Through these networks we are able to expanding our ideas as well as gain new knowledge about what our customers are looking for. While physical signage remains a fantastic way to display your company to possible customers, social networks and the personalized webpage are going to be the places that those valued customers will look to further establish their opinions on whether or not to do business with you.

This will not be the last challenge of adaptation that we face and at the pace technology seems to be moving the next one may not be too far off at all. The nice thing, however, is that change leads to not just bigger and better things, but it keeps life within the company interesting and new. So with Bob Dylan in mind, when approached with a new challenge we don't sink like a stone, we start swimming.