It's that blustery time of year when the last vestiges of winter howl through and our attention is drawn to feats of hoop prowess. Chances are your co-workers are making picks and filling out grids, just as they do every year at this time. Chances are it's cold and windy, yet the days are getting longer. Let the NCAA Tournament and the shifting of the season impact your business in three positive ways.

1. Upgrade your brand. What do your exterior signs convey to your customers? Do they need upgraded faces? Does your sign font and logo convey a current image of your business? Just as your business changes with the shifts in the current economy, your brand should change as well, communicating with your customers that you are constantly upgrading your products and services to better meet their needs. 2. Look into a digital sign. Now's the time to add a digital message center to your Church Monument Signmonument sign. A digital sign advertises your business to customers and those driving by. What's your marketing budget? Your digital sign costs less than 15 cents per 1000 impressions, far less expensive than newspaper or radio ads. There are many digital sign options, both exterior and interior, providing your customers and prospects with  way-finding assistance and the latest in services and products. 3. Choose long-lasting LED illumination. Take a look at all the lighting on your campus: exterior signs, parking lot lights, parking garage lighting. Do you spend a lot of money replacing bulbs and ballasts? It might be time for you to change out to LED (light emitting diode) illumination. LED's are a cost-saving, long-lasting choice for exterior signs in the LED SignMidwest. They perform better in colder weather, they're durable, and they're able to withstand the shock of the outside environment.

Take advantage of this March Madness energy and direct it toward your business. Champion your brand and both you and your customer will win big.