Hundreds of people drive by your business and see your exterior signage. How well does your sign illuminate? Like many businesses in the area, you may have noticed that your sign illumination is a challenge in the colder winter months. Converting your signs to LED illumination is a smart and energy efficient solution. Your signs will stand out, attracting and directing customers in all kinds of weather.

LED (light emitting diode) illumination is a brighter, longer lasting alternative to neon or fluorescent bulbs for signage and it offers many advantages.

Should you convert your present sign illumination to LED? We think so. Here are five benefits:

  1. Energy Savings: White LED illumination can save you 60-70% on electricity consumption over neon.
  2. Safety: LED's have a secondary power of 12 volts, which is less prone to fire hazards.
  3. Brightness in Cold Weather: LED's operate well in cold weather, illuminating brightly and consistently.
  4. Lower Costs: LED signs will save you money through lower electricity consumption versus neon, greater longevity, and lower maintenance costs over neon and fluorescent lighting.
  5. Durability: LED signs are great at withstanding the shock and vibration of the outside environment over all other types of illuminated signs.

Make the LED switch for your signage. You will appreciate the results. Contact us for a free quote.