Since 1952, Parvin-Clauss Sign Company has worked with design firms and architects collaborating on sign concepts for the built environment.  Adding our expertise in sign construction and component options results in a finished product that exceeds the customer's expectations.

Often our clients come to us for design ideas.  By utilizing our experienced and trained design staff, we're able to create dynamic displays that make a positive impression in the community.

Keep these five points in mind when developing your sign design:

1. Have a clean image in mind for your sign - both logo and message.

2. Use compatible materials - make sure your sign works within the business campus.

3. Say less, clearly.

4. Use quality materials, not only to present the best finished product, but also to minimize the maintenance.

5. Go LED (Light Emitting Diode) for illuminated sign projects to ensure a long-lasting, cold weather-enduring product.

Turn to Parvin-Clauss Sign Company for all your sign design needs.