Your exterior signs are your company’s first impression. So go outside and take a look at your signs. Better yet, drive past a few times and imagine you are a potential customer and ask yourself these questions:

1. Is your sign visible? Are there obstructions such as bushes or trees that hide portions of the sign? Is your sign face seen clearly from the street?

2. Is your sign readable? As you drive past, can you read all the components of the sign – name, phone number, service offerings?

3. Is your sign noticeable? Is it clear, distinct, and does it set you apart?

4. Does your sign set the right tone? Is is welcoming, an extension of your business?

5. Can you see your sign at night? Does it illuminate so the letters are legible?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure your signs are working for you. Your signs are your identity. Contact us and we can show you options to upgrade your sign.