It's always difficult to truly understand a company that you are working with simply because the majority of your interaction only pertains to what that company is doing for you. Of course, there are always other customers that have most likely shared a completely different relationship with the same company.

Parvin-Clauss Sign Company has many customers with many different signage needs, and we realize that some of our clients may not know what goes on throughout a typical day at Parvin-Clauss Sign Company.


On June 2, 2011, Parvin-Clauss made a variety of installations. Here is an illuminated sign cabinet furnished and installed for Grace Lutheran Church of Glen Ellyn.



We also installed dimensional letters for a company called Jameson, which focuses on international real estate.




Finally, this installation involved illuminated channel letters for a law firm called Lavelle Law.

These were just a few of the tasks taken on by Parvin-Clauss Sign Company on June 2, but as you can see they are diverse projects for many different types of businesses and establishments. No matter your signage need, Parvin-Clauss has the tools to make your image our priority.