Parvin-Clauss Sign Co. offers a variety of different types of signs. From interior signs improving corporate reception areas to way-finding signs easing visitor navigation, there is very little that our company is not equipped to handle. A great example of our company's diverse signage capabilities was recently displayed during an opportunity provided through Summit Design & Build and a company called Testa Produce.

Some of our most common sign orders are marketing signs. In this particular situation, a company called Testa Produce was building a new establishment that focused on being environmentally green and asked for Parvin-Clauss to fabricate a marketing MDO (medium density overlay) plywood sign promoting it. Soon after installation, we contacted Summit Design & Build and ended up becoming the company in charge of fabrication and installation of the signage for Testa Produce's new building using the designs provided by Summit Design & Build.

From channel letters outside the building to informational and way-finding within, Parvin-Clauss Sign Company completed the job without the necessity of Testa Produce approaching any other company for assistance in fabrication or installation.

Our extensive knowledge of the sign industry allowed us to complete the signage needs for the building, leaving Testa Produce with creative, yet practical images throughout their new establishment.

This project, however, was a bit out of the ordinary as Testa Produce planned to achieve their LEED Platinum certification for their new building. As a member of SEGD (Society for Environmental Graphic Design), we were confident in our abilities to meet Testa Produce and Summit Design & Build's requests and happily took on the project.

"Working with Summit Design & Build and Testa Produce to achieve their LEED Platinum certification was very gratifying" mentioned Lisa Voight, a member of our sales team that facilitated the Testa project. "Learning how many of our products are truly environmentally friendly was great to see."

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The experience was great for our company. We were able to use our fabrication and installation services in an environmentally friendly way and still meet the high quality sign standards that we consistently set for our company.

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