LED (Light Emitting Diode) signs are often recommended by sign companies whenever a business is looking at an illuminated sign, but what makes LED technology something to be considered over standard lighting?

 LED signs are energy-efficient and cost-effective option for an exterior illuminated sign. They last longer and illuminate more effectively in the Winter months than neon. What else can they do for your business?The International Sign Association decided to put LED signs to the test. In 1995, the ISA asked University of San Diego to test LED signs in the field and determine their effectiveness. The test focused on a well-known fast food chain and included several variables including number of present signs, location, and opening hours. What they found was one additional bright sign contributed to an increase of 4.75% in the annual revenues while the number of transactions grew 3.93% (ISA, 1995).

Not only are LED signs energy-efficient and cost-effective, but they also light the way for your customers. An effective sign is the best way to make a positive, lasting impression on your customers and within the community.