At the January 25, 2012 City Council meeting a request was made by  Alderman Brendan Reilly for a "new city council order for any sign undergoing a change of technology from a static image to electronic capabilities including, but limited to changing image, digital display, or dynamic display."

Explaining that owners of static message billboards would file for a change of face permit and reface their sign with a digital message board without the Alderman's review or approval, the concern was that Chicago neighborhoods were starting to resemble Times Square.

Sign companies applying for permits for any signs larger than 100 square feet and mounted on the building higher than 24 feet have previously required a Council Order in order to have their sign permit approved.

A vote was taken, and passed, to also require a Council Order for new or change of face digital message signs.

What does this mean for businesses in Chicago wanting a large sign? It may take longer receive permit approval. And it will help to get to know the Alderman in your precinct. Letting them know about your business and the intentions of the signs on your property will assist in obtaining Council Order approval.

Also, work with a Chicago sign company that is licensed to permit and install in the city of Chicago, like Parvin-Clauss Sign Company.