Mullarky Associates, Inc. has certainly had their share of ribbing about their business' name. This Tinley Park, Illinois company, specializing in quality products for the water and waste water treatment industries, processing industries, the pool and spa market, and the car wash industry, is all business. Parvin-Clauss recently installed their fabricated aluminum interior sign, which conveys a high-quality image of their brand to customers and prospects.Tinley Park Business Sign

Just don't confuse Mullarky with "malarkey" - nonsense or "hooey" coined by American cartoonist T.A. Dorgan.That’s just a bunch of malarkey.

"Malarkey,” the Oxford English Dictionary explains, was a fake place name, first appearing in the March 9, 1922 edition of the San Francisco Call & Post, “‘Listening To Two Blokes As They Try To Phone In A Joint Without A Booth,’” with the caption: “Aw, go chase yourself!!!! No, no, not you Central. … Yes, Malarkey 609 J...What? ...”

It was funny at the time, and newspaper writers, always looking for the latest slang angle,  jumped on the bandwagon, to coin another phrase, and began to use it, spreading its popularity around the country.

This can be seen in the March 12, 1924 Indiana Evening Gazette (in Pennsylvania), with the line: “The rest of the chatter is so much malarkey, according to a tip so straight that it can be passed thru a peashooter without touching the sides.”

And then to the April 20, 1958 edition of the Sunday Times, as larger publications applied the term to politics: “I will only give you the politician’s malarkey about imponderables and changing circumstances.”

Trust that Tinley Park's Mullarky Associates is above and beyond the malarkey of its competition, and, with their new signage, will position their brand recognition effectively in the market place.