Kamm Insurance has probably had a number of signs identifying its business in the 90 years it has been in operation. Of course, most signs don't last 90 years. And their recent sign had seen better days. As any business owner knows, your sign conveys all aspects of your business. If your sign is dated, potential customers might assume your business's products and services are dated as well.Old Sign

Kamm Insurance partnered with Parvin-Clauss Sign Company to design a new monument sign for their business, one that would reinforce their name and brand and through this convey their long-standing strength in the insurance industry.

An updated exterior sign for your business can convey more than your name. It shows your strength in your business market, your willingness to evolve products and services to match the changing times, and your intention to keep your name in front of your customer so they turn to you every time.New monument sign

Turn to Parvin-Clauss for your next sign project. Keep your brand current!