Welcome to the newly opened Bottle & Bottega in Glen Ellyn, IL where everyone's inner artist can bloom.Glen Ellyn Business Sign

Glen Ellyn couple John and Lynn Day wanted to use the skills they acquired over the years in business and party planning. So when an opportunity opened up to utilize their business acumen and their love of art and nightlife, they found a unique fit in Bottle & Bottega.

Bottle & Bottega offers hands on art sessions that allow adults to paint outside the lines and have a fun evening of food, drinks and painting.

This franchise was started in Chicago in 2009 and has grown to four locations including Glen Ellyn. A fifth location, the company’s corporate studio, is in the city.

The studio space held its grand opening in the fall of 2012 at 498 Crescent Blvd. Events including private or corporate Bottle & Bottega parties, as well as serving as a gallery for artworks created by the Bottle & Bottega art instructors.

Those who attend the parties held at the studio can bring their own beverages and food. Bottle & Bottega supplies all of the artist’s tools, from the apron to the paint, canvas to the art instructor.Outdoor business signs

Experienced artists help guide the class. “The artists instruct the group how to do a general sketch and how to divide the canvas into quarters,” Lynn Day explains. Participants "learn where to place basic outlines and then the artist helps build up the background and begin to layer on top. The artist is teaching how to blend and layer the colors.”

No two paintings are alike and when the night is over, the party goers have a piece of art they created.

“It’s not an art class, it’s an art party,” says Day. “The only lesson to learn is that everyone has an inner artist.”