When you open your business you put your name on the door to identify yourself and what you sell and direct your customers through the door. Most businesses will include a logo as a visual hook to attract and retain their customers.

Business signJust look at your computer screen. Chances are you are looking at a blue bird (Twitter), a black AOL pentagram, an "f" in a blue box (Facebook), and "e" with a halo (Internet Explorer) and many others. Often we look for the logo first. It's the color and the image that create the connection directing us to the product or service we are looking for.



The logo can take on almost any shape and is usually located to the right of the business name. As we read from right to left this is a natural place for the company brand image, but it doesn't always have to be located there. This identifiable image often represents or symbolizes what the company can offer its customers. Even the logo color can represent power, prestige, energy or growth.

monument signThe goal is to imprint your image on your exterior signage, your interior way-finding signage, your print media, business cards, website and more. This visual imprinting allows your brand to speak for you.


Work with a sign company that can offer design services and assist you with a logo image that ties into your business' products and services. Or upgrade your existing logo to match your company's evolving and expanding services.

Have your name - your brand - and your logo work for you. Work with a full service sign company, like Parvin-Clauss Sign Company and make your image work for you.