We probably drive our regular route to work hundreds of times. Our thoughts may be elsewhere when we drive past the chiropractor, pet supply store, bank, storage company, but when we need those services the sign and logo pops into our heads. That's the lasting impact of a business' exterior sign.

Does your exterior sign state your business clearly? Often businesses will have a slogan that explains their products and services. Wine Discount Center recently re-branded to Vin Chicago and their slogan - wine. passion. value. - lets their customers know what to expect from this specialty liquor store. Their distinctive logo, font, and color is eye-catching and memorable so their customers can find them. Their branding is also consistent at all their locations and in their print marketing so their customers remember them.

Make sure your exterior sign:

* Catches one's attention

* Attracts new customers

* Is clear and easy to read when driving by

* Looks professional, reflecting the quality of your business' products and services

* Is well-maintained

* Illuminates clearly at night

Getting the sign you want starts with working with an experienced sign company. They will help you analyze your building campus and your needs. They can determine how large a sign you can have in your municipality, and suggest design features and the layout of your sign logo for the best visibility.

Of course the price is important when discussing your sign, but consider this: a $10,000 sign that lasts 10 years is $1000 a year of well-spent marketing dollars.

Turn to Parvin-Clauss Sign Company for your next sign project.