Most Municipalities require a sign to be UL listed. What does that mean?

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. originated in 1894 by electrical engineer William Henry Merrill shortly after he visited the Palace of Electricity and the Chicago World's Fair. Merrill observed that standards were necessary in order to prevent hazards and guarantee that materials and products could be trusted. Placing a UL mark, or label, on the material proved that the product had passed inspection.

Today, when an illuminated sign is UL listed, UL components

illuminated signs

must be used in the fabrication of the sign, the sign must be grounded, and wires and ballasts must remain at least 1/2" off the interior cabinet bottom. "Weep holes" are also required at the bottom of the sign cabinet so rainwater doesn't pool within the sign, as well as an external disconnect switch.

All signs manufactured by Parvin-Clauss are UL listed. This means your sign is fabricated with quality materials that will ensure durability and a long-lasting investment in your business' image.

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