Why choose LED (Light-emitting diode) illumination over neon or fluorescent bulbs for your exterior signs?

Here's 6 reasons:

1. Energy savings - White LEDs can save 60-70% on electricity consumption versus neon or fluorescent bulbs.


2. Safety - LEDs have a secondary power of 12 volts compared to neon, which has as much as 15,000 volts.  12 volt power is much less prone to fire hazards.


3. Brightness in cold weather - LEDs love cold weather and neon does not.  Mercury neon sign brightness drops dramatically when temperatures fall below 35 degrees.


4. Lower costs - LED lighting will save you money over neon or fluorescent bulbs due to lower electricity consumption, overall ease of installation, greater longevity of product and lower maintenance costs.


5. Environmental considerations - Neon signs contain mercury which is hazardous to the environment.  White, blue and green neon signs use an argon/mercury gas mixture and red neon uses neon gas.


6. Durability - LED signs are extremely durable and are able to withstand shock and vibration from the outside environment.