So you need a sign for your business.. Where should your sign go, based on your building location and the traffic flow, for the most effective visual impact? Take a look at a site map of your location (Google maps are great for this) and answer these questions:

1. What are the main roads near your business?

2. What is the traffic pattern? Busier in the mornings and evenings?

3. Is one road busier than the other?

4. Is your business near a shopping center or is there a shopping center nearby?

5. Is there a highway/expressway nearby?

All these questions zero in on sightlines. What are the sightlines of those passing by and how can your sign be positioned for the best visibility? You might find that you need more that one sign.

Take a look at this site map to see what happens with the sightlines from all directions:


1. A sign on the back of the building would give approaching motorists time to think about stopping at your business. Once they reach it, they may already be thinking about parking.

2. A projecting sign on the side of the building offers great sightlines for those same motorists and reinforces the message.

3. A sign on the side of the building (Side 1 on the map) gives those stopped at the light something to read and learn about. An electronic message sign might work here. A percentage of viewers will act upon this information.

4. A sign on the other side of the building (Side 2) would be visible to traffic coming from the opposite direction.

5. The standard request for a sign on the storefront - in this case a flat sign on the wall of the building - would catch the eye of many, especially those turning onto this street.

6. A projecting sign on the front of the building would be visible up and down the main street, especially if the sidewalks are narrow and the building is close to the street.

7. An A-frame sign might catch the eye of pedestrians.

8. Another option is windows. Traffic on the same side of the street may not be able to see a flat overhead wall sign, and that's where window graphics and other eye-level signs might be helpful.

Now you don't have to have eight different signs for your business. In fact, your municipality may have sign code restrictions on the number and type of signs. Work with your sign company to determine the types of signs that are right for you. Make sure your sign has the best impact for your business.